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The backbone of AMD's competitive advantage is the collaborative development of custom engineered solutions — from the initial design phase through 3D computer modeling — where customers and AMD engineers participate in an interactive process to create a motor that exceeds the requirements of its application.

The results speak for themselves: A line of AC and DC traction and pump motors and after-market parts that satisfy the motor requirements of some of the most successful and prominent companies in their respective industries. To submit a request for information regarding pump motors and/or traction motors, please click on the link that follows:

To learn more about our motors, features and after-market parts please see below.

AC & DC motors

At Advanced Motors & Drives we manufacture standard AC motors from 5.5" (114 mm) to 13.0" (330 mm) with continuous power ranging between .5 hp (.37 kw) to 35 hp (26 kw).

Our standard DC motors range from 4.5" (114 mm) to 9.0" (230 mm) with continuous power ranging between .5 hp (.37 kw) to 35 hp (26 kw).

Contact an AMD sales representative to learn about these standard motors, or to discuss the design and development of a custom motor to fit your application.

Motor features

AMD's special purpose low-voltage wound field DC and AC traction and pump motors are designed and manufactured to ensure they meet the rigorous quality and performance standards of our customers. Our motors feature the following:

After-market parts

In addition to the motors that AMD offers, we offer a wide range of motor component parts, including the following:

To learn more about Pump Motor Application, click here.

To learn more about after-market parts, contact Pat Hayes at 800-417-3811.